Jun 4, 2012

The Dutch in me . . .

Something in me, I don't know what, loves tulips.
The way they sway forward, bowing to all who greet them.
How they can be so many different colors and make rainbows in the soil.
It must be the Dutch part of me. 
 Tulips set a yearning free in me for the old cobbled streets of Amsterdam,
and the Counts of Holland. Names like Rotterdam and The Hague and the Knight's Hall
send shivers rippling through me!

 Hans Brinker, and blue ships sailing across white china plates.
The clunk of wooden shoes and skating on the river in the winter.
St. Nicholas Eve and candies and little shoes placed outside for him to fill with sweets.
The Wooden Shoe Waltz.
Memories from a time I never knew.

Love, Kayla

1 comment:

Emily said...

Just loverly, hon.

It's funny, because I was just thinking today how much I have missed your posts of late and how I wanted to see another one. So happy to find this in my reader.

Love you!!