Jun 5, 2012

Meet the Babies in the Barn

This is a story of goats.They're nice goats and always very happy.
Well, sometimes they are nice.
 This is Peeta.

He has a floppy ear.
He is shy and quiet, but he likes to play with his sister.

This is Peeta's sister. 
Her name is Katniss. 

She likes to climb walls. 
And she takes Peeta on all sorts of wild adventures!

 Here is Tammy!
She LOVES people and is always very friendly.

 She likes to climb brick mountains and go sailing through the air!

 This is Timmy. He is the biggest baby.
He likes practicing He-Man-Billy-Goat-Big-Tuff-Stuff.

And here is Kirby! 
She is the smallest baby. 
Her name is Kirby because all the barnyard people thought she was a boy at first!

She likes to climb walls, too.

One day, she got scared on top of the wall! But Mommy came to save her. Phew! Thank you, Mommy!

She was never afraid of that old wall again!

Meet Marianne. Hello, Marianne.
She is very bossy and tells all the goats where to go and when to eat. 
But she likes it when you pet her face and scratch under her chin.

 Esther. Esther doesn't like it when you pick up her baby, Kirby. She thinks you might run off with her! But she's a good mommy. She loves Kirby a lot!
 Hello, Zana!
 Do you remember when you were a baby?
You are always a very good goat.
When Tammy was born you weren't sure what to do at first, but then you loved Tammy and knew exactly what to do!

Now it's time to go out to the field for some grass!
Good-bye, everyone!
Thanks for dropping by!
It was really nice to see you.
Maybe you should come back sometime. Yes, I think that is a very good idea!
Have a very wonderful day!

PS Author's Note
To all my dear friends who love Peeta Melark:
I simply could not wait to show you Peeta!
I hope you love his floppy ear as much as I do!

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Laura said...

Give them all hugs and kisses from me. :) I miss little goaty faces and whirligig tails...