Oct 19, 2012

Summer Smiles

Earlier this summer, Hannah and I went out to take pictures. And I just now realized I hadn't ever finished editing them! I couldn't believe how I could have! Sorry, Hannah!
She really is quite beautiful! 
Dawna did hair and makeup and it was spectacular. 
I must ask for this someday! 
I had a marvelous time, taking the photos and editing them!

 I have always loved the fixing hair and doing makeup shots in wedding pictures! They're so natural and beautiful and kind of pull you into that special part of the world.

 It was cloudy for the first part of the photoshoot and made the light absolutely perfect!

This one stepped out at me from the editing pages. 
I have such a beautiful sister!

 Off to the old pickup again! I love that place!

Oh Hannah! She makes me laugh! She can be oh so serious and then make you burst out laughing!

My personal favorite. 

 To the railroad tracks at sunset.

Something funny was said. I love how her nose wrinkles!

It was such a lovely day! And at sunset the sun came out and made everything all pretty.
Half of the credit goes to darling Hannah, she posed most of these pretty portraits.
She has awesome ideas.
I love you, darling girl!



Krystina said...

Those are lovely pictures, Kayla and Hannah. :)

Nina Hansen said...

Those are such beautiful pics! Kayla, it's been too long since I've seen your photography. You are TALENTED. And all you girls are outrageously gorgeous.