Oct 31, 2012

NaNoWriMo 2012

It's five hours till NaNo and I haven't written something to mark this epoch in my life which comes every year at the same time. :)

Joseph is listening to Thomas Bergersen and washing dishes, and I sit in the living listening to him washing dishes and Thomas Bergersen, too.

It's going to be a different NaNo this year. But I have my chocolate and tea fix. All is well.

October is winding down and everyone is probably out and about Halloweening. We were going to have  our harvest party soon, but then, well, with Grandma so very sick everything is pretty crazy about our little valley.

"But I don't want any pity! Because someday I'm going to be a famous writer and you'll all ride around in fine carriages!" Jo March, MGM's Little Women

There are streaks of pale gold and orange long the horizon and the deep blue of night time is crowding them back to dawn in a new day far, far away in Africa or somewhere.

Little Tate was born yesterday! So much blond hair! He is so cute! Can't wait to babysit him and see how proud Owen is to have a little brother. Ha, when asked what's going to happen when Tate is born, Owen said, "We're going to give Haylee away!"

Going to watch "Wrath of the Titans" tonight with the brothers and eat Reese's ice cream. It really is quite fascinating, Greek Mythology.

Evening chill is rushing in, and shivers rush down my spine!

Happy NaNoing everyone!


Krystina said...

Happy NaNo'ing to you, Kayla! I hope you have a great month. :)

Liz Brown said...

Best of inspirations to you as you're writing ... :)

I hope we can see you all in about one month!