Jul 15, 2013

Holding the Moon

Laura buzzed around the kitchen with us whenever there was a meal to be cooked, served, cleared, dried, washed. Always right there when Dawna washed, she'd grab a towel and hop in. And I just loved it, it gave me courage, and helped me to be brave. Funny how little things like that can make you think. So I took pictures of it.

We went to our last Young Chautauqua performance that day. I was SO excited to have Laura come see us all at last! It was the best! To tell you the truth, my performance went by in such a blur, I hardly remember it! Aunt Connie came, too. And she brought Mama a present for her Nook. Pictures of Mama's nook and present to come, too! Then we took the whole group of us, Young Chautauqua kids and all, and went out to the new Dairy Queen for blizzards. It was lovely! We listened to Michael Buble, bumping along in Laura's PT Cruiser and discussed music, one of our favorite subjects!

 Loved Laura's hair in braids!

Then, with Mom and Aunt Connie bustling about, chattering about this and that, we decided to sneak in an Emergency! Such a fun TV show. Glad Laura liked it, too!

 Pretty sisters talking.

 Mama and Aunt Connie. Sweet sisters talking, too. :)

 And then the moon came up, and Fat Louie watched us out the window as we ran up the hill to catch it.

What did we say that night? That the moon was a goddess?

The first few stars bathing in teal and pink, lights from the homes along Angustura, the ripples of the hills stretching out into the prairies. This is home, folks.

 And we held the moon.

You'll never know the taste of holding the moon till you do.

When we came back down we watched Call the Midwife with Aunt Connie and Mama. And I think that was the night Laura and I flopped down on her air mattress with our laptops, ankles in the air, playing around on Pinterest and looking at dream boards. :) Maybe it was a different night, but that was a sweet time.
Peter Rabbit Party coming up!

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Christa Upton said...

LOVE the photo on the left at the top of your website. Also used to love the show Emergency but it's been years!!! Now I want to try to find it. :)