Jul 18, 2013

Mud boots and apple pies

He promised her he'd take her to milk the goats. And I stayed up a little too late the night before to look bright-eyed and bushy-tailed when we dragged ourselves out of bed at eight. That's early when you've been on Pinterest dreaming till midnight.

And you asked Ethan for mudboots, Laura. 

You thought they were comfortable. And I remember I liked that. Nothing is ever just shoes or goats or walks to you. They always mean something. No matter how little.

However I was not bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, the lady goats always are!

And sooo happy to have their ears, chins, noses, horns, throat scratched by someone new.

Aunt Connie came, too. A rancher's wife. Her hands look like Grandma's. The same wide fingernails, the same freckles, the same veins. And the same soft wrinkles around her cheeks when she smiles. And her laugh sounds like family reunions at the Calamas, and homemade chocolate chip cookies, and she takes delight in every little thing a niece or nephew says, even if it isn't as silly to her as it is them.

The little milkmaid from Nebraska! Love you, dear!

Laura said boys like to teach. Read it in her Bible study group. Told me so. And I nodded yes and watched Ethan with bright eyes when he showed Aunt Connie how to milk. I smiled up inside my head, behind my camera, loving it all.

I find so many things I miss on my milking day, when I step back and watch everything. Like morning sun on rusty blue tin gates.

Ralph, Molly, Laura and Mary. Waiting for breakfast.

Teaching away. And Laura said she tries to listen when they teach. Josh likes to tell her about his gun, show her how to shoot it. I wondered how much I could learn if I just stopped in the hall to listen to them more often.

"Good morning, goat! Sleep well, I hope?"

I don't remember what we had for breakfast, but we jumped into the morning preparation for our party to be held later in the afternoon. Laura brought apples. We peeled them together. Well . . . she peeled, I snapped pictures, a little too enthralled with the beauty of peeling apples to be of much help.

Mm! Brown bread! Just what Mrs. Rabbit brought home from the market.

Tada! The biggest apple pie I have ever seen! So scrumptious, too!

We buzzed about the kitchen, we girls, and they slipped away to talk in Mama's Nook. I got this picture before they found me out! "I hear a camera clicking!" Mama called and they looked up and laughed as I leaned over the gate to catch them smiling.

Apple pies cooling are my favorite thing.

With the food preparation well underway, you and I slipped on shoes and we went outside for leaves, Laura. Do you remember?

And we cut little holes in the envelopes and sealed the invitations with wax and you held your feet up in the air, the essence of friendship when ankles are crossed with feet in the air!

Our picket fence candle holders, and some of our decorations. Inspiration direct from the Peter Rabbit books!

Mr. MacGregor's gardening tools, and terracotta pots.

Laura's Beatrix potter tea strainers and Twinings.

Hannah's adorable, completely inspired wreath, complete with Peter Rabbit and his blue jacket.

Strung lights all along the dining room walls, and that will have to do for today for there is so much more to our party than just one mere post! The food, oh, the food was glorious! Never had so much glorious food. And I must describe to you the Dill cheese Laura found at Sonny's! All to come very soon!

Until next time,


Katie said...

Lovely, as always!
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Dominique Abram said...

Hiya, such a wonderful post. Thanks.