Oct 28, 2013

Ethan's Pup Tent

Ethan and me, we like army surplus. Yes indeed, we do. And JM Cremps.
So when he puts his hard earned money, all those days milking pesky goats when we're off to work, up for a pup tent a real soldier slept under, I think it's a pretty good deal.

 He's up walking on the road, just over our last hill, when I'm driving home from work. And when he climbs into the seat and swings the door shut, he's smiling quiet and holding in all this excitement, and says, "When we drive up there's something I'd like to show you."

It's always good to come home to boys who show you things. And when we drove up, it sat in the front yard, looking for all the world like a WWII camp right where I live. I wish we could sleep out in it that night! With sleeping bags and pillows and be like soldiers on the front. There's always this little tom boy girl in me trying to get out at the wrong times!

 It's as if it's a promise for summer time, though. I keep saying, "There's so many nights we'll be out sleeping in here!"

So Ethan doesn't spend his money on toys, computer games, candy. Just something he'll use the rest of the life and it'll do him some good. So I feel kinda like smiling big when I realize this. I nod and I think I should do that, too.

 I like him. Lots. And I like it lots when he asks me what I think a WWII soldier would use as a pillow, and I hope I've answered right. And I like it when asks me, just me, to come out and see it, and take pictures of it. All this war and boy-ish-ness and soldiers wrapped up in one little pup tent.

I feel special cause he's special to me. I love his art and all the man just growing up big inside him. And I should be kinder and not brush him off, and go with him on walks and listen to him more. Cause what would I ever do without him? He brings the whole world back indoors to me and I live new lives cause he's there to tell me about them.

Why don't I remember this more?

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Katie said...

Thanks Kayla. I love you too. Ethan