Feb 5, 2014

Faces from September

 Lizzie needs a proper place on this blog. Especially her visit last September. I've just been looking back through a few things I hadn't written about, and I'm really sad I didn't do this earlier. Having her back was like being young again, when they only lived twenty minutes away, and we hadn't grown up yet.

She arrived late, very-very late, on a dark and stormy night! I watched Starsky&Hutch to wait up for her and I didn't even hear her when she got there! But I came upstairs, and she and Dawna were already in their jammies! Big hugs and bare toes on kitchen floors, and tired laughter and happiness. The next day, we lazed about on sofas with Chinese food and candy and watched girlie movies while the rest of the family was off on adventures.

On Sunday, she took us to church in Harrison in Toothless, her amazing black car, that really does look like Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon.

It started out all cool and cloudy, but Nebraska is Nebraska and it turned all humid on us. But not too bad. And it was a lovely day anyway.

 The rest of the guys met us after church and we had lunch at the Chinese Restaurant. Yes, we love our Chinese food. Then we buckled up and went to the state park. I love that place. It's so beautiful. It's a green haven in the last of summer's grueling heat.

 Picture by the pond. It was drained and there were dead fish and clams, but we took a picture anyway, even though we didn't get to go on the paddle boats.

 So we followed the stream bed in the shade and mushy green grass.

 You look so pretty, Liz!

 I couldn't decide which one I liked better. The blurry one has a certain charm about it.

 We found a leaning tree and had to conquer it!

 It was definitely time to be children again, even in skirts.

 It never gets old, wandering around this beautiful place.

 The hedgerows remind me of England and Persuasion.

 We followed a little path up through the woods and found a shady spot and picnic table to rest a bit. And Liz taught us a game that was so much fun, but for the life of me I can't think of the name. We were given a scenario, and there were two pairs of people, each pair pretending to be one person. One pair had to talk together, at the same time, and say the exact same thing, while the other pair could only say one word each, back and forth, while conversing with the other pair. It was hilarious! We played it twice, and the one time with Dad was so funny! Wish we had recorded that one!

We stopped by Wal-Mart for some snacks and headed home. It was Lizzie's birthday and she got to open up presents! Then we rented Bride&Prejudice, the India version of Pride&Prejudice, and had our popcorn and snacks, and had another girlie evening with a love story!

I'm sorry these are the only pictures I got of her time here, I had to work the next day. :( There will be more next time she visits! There were walks up the road and words late at night and memories floating like ghosts in from past seas. Love you, Liz. Come back soon. Please? And we'll do it again?

Love, me

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