Sep 28, 2015

Mundane Monday: Little Bits of Beauty

      It's fall around here lately. And when it's fall, the little brother, he hauls over the boxes filled with autumn decorations. Only the Christmas decorations out rank the number of boxes in our garage at the moment. There's just a few hints of color in the trees, like it's all just waiting to explode . . .

     It's autumn. The last few days of September before the world turns October. The last few days summer's been trying to hold back the time, shining her brightest, sweltering self. But we've already had some cocoa and the lovely autumn sweet treats are peeking out of the cupboards. And in the evenings the moon is shining and the air is laced the coolness of autumn seeping in.

     It's like the changing of seasons means new chances, and you're just at the beginning. Like the world's just tipped a little bit, shaping up for new beauty. New goodness. New inspiration. New love.


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