Dec 9, 2015

How to Make a Prairie Christmas Tree

  • Saw
  • Garden clippers
  • Old bucket
  • One branch
  • Dirt
  • Christmas misc. & music

Find one leafless branch. Conical shaped are best, but any branch will do.
Use saw to cut from tree.
Use garden clippers to trim longer stems and give it more shape.

Fill old bucket with dirt. Or mud will do, if it's the only thing on hand.
Press tree branch into the center of bucket and press dirt tightly around base.

Pick out a string of lights. May be multicolored, but homey and comforting are best.
String to tree branch and watch as it unfolds into a prairie Christmas tree.

Time for ornaments.
Don't forget to switch on Christmas carols. Old time favorites are usually Bing Crosby, Perry Como, and Roy Rogers and Dale Evans.
Classic and old fashioned ornaments are best, but use what's preferred or on hand.
Make sure you have plenty of ornament hooks.

Don't forget the star. May use a lighted star, but simple is always better.

Continue adding selected ornaments and listening to Christmas music until tree is completely decorated.

Add some happy, old fashioned, rustic looking angels . . .

Plug in the lights . . .

Grab some cocoa, sit back and enjoy. If available, fire and hearth and snuggle buddy will add to the Christmas-y, prairie atmosphere. Use as recommended, apply as desired to achieve warm, loving, peaceful wait for Christ's coming.

Merry Christmas.



Katie said...

Absolutely delightful! Love the tree!


Christa Upton said...

Lovely!!! And very helpful to my friends who are allergic to pine and/or can't do plastic because of offgassing!!! :)

K. M. Updike said...

Hey! I never thought about that! How lovely!