Dec 18, 2015

My Favorite Christmas & Winter Books

Christmas in My HeartJoe Wheeler
There must be dozens of these books filled with short stories about Christmas, and I haven't read all the stories in the ones we have. But these are our most favorite, most traditional things to read.
Favorite stories include:
The Jubilee Agreement
The Gold and Ivory Tablecloth
Charlie's Blanket
The Bells Didn't Ring
A Certain Small Shepherd
Trouble at the Inn
Candle in the Forest

A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens
No Christmas Complete without it.

The Greatest Gift, Ann Voskamp
A Christmas devotional about God's great gift shown through the entire history of the Bible. A sincere and joyful celebration of Advent.

A Season of Gifts, Richard Peck
No one is better at capturing sentimental, reminiscent Christmas spirit than Richard Peck. This one features Grandma from his other books, one of my favorite literary characters.

White Snow, Bright Snow, Alvin Tresselt
Wonderful children's story that captures the mysteriousness of the first snow fall.

Owl Moon, Jane Yolen
Favorite childhood book right there. Must have be why I love winter. Owls and snow.

Mandy, Julie Andrews Edwards
If you're looking at the cover you must be thinking, "Huh?" Mandy is about a little orphan girl who keeps a secret cottage all to herself. A summer story mostly. But this book includes one of my most favorite Christmas scenes, that's why I've numbered with the others.

The Winter Prince, Elizabeth Wein
Arthurian fantasy about the sons of Artos, Lleu and Medreut. A very deep look into the lives of them both. Includes an early Briton Christmas scene and traditions.

The Birds' Christmas Carol, Kate Douglas Wiggin
Prepare your hearts for Christmas, but if read this, prepare them to be broken. Still, one of my favorite stories to read at Christmas time.

It might be a little quiet around here next week, but . . .

Lots of love & Merry Christmas, everyone!

Let's chat! What are some of  your favorite Christmas books & why do you love them?

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