Dec 23, 2015

3 More Favorite Christmas Books

While looking through my bookshelves the other day, and getting ready to clean my room, I happened upon three books I hadn't read in years. I had almost completely forgotten I had them. And they all happened to be Christmas books. I knew I must add them to my list. So here you are . . .

Mary's Treasure Box, Carolyn Kramlich
My mama got this book for me when I was seven. When my dad was a truck and bus driver and gone for several days sometimes, I remember, quite vividly, snuggling in bed with Mama and asking her to read this book to me. I'll love it for always. Not only because it made me think about Mary and her family outside the bounds of the Christmas story, but because it has lessons I've never forgotten.

The Quiet Little Woman, Louisa May Alcott
Grandma got me this book, and I don't think I appreciated Patty's character as much as I do now. She's so special in so many ways. This is a small, illustrated version, but it is beautiful. I wish all books looked like this.

This was given to my sister, but I love it just as much as she does. Particularly because of the illustrations, too, it could be a small, western town in my neck of the woods, and partly because of the story of the candy cane.

Merry Christmas, it's almost here!

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