Jan 21, 2016

5 Things I'm Inspired by This Week

Just a few things I've had lying around this week . . .

BurstFit Fire

It's good and healthy to stay in shape. It's just - trying to get back into fitness is not really all that fun. But I started BurstFit Fire this week. And it was great, as certain sections of my anatomy can attest. Instead of a full body workout, Fire concentrates on target areas of your body. Here's to cheer and health!

Rainy Mood

Lovely background noise that doesn't make me fall asleep. Keeps the drum of noise down. And I've listened to it long enough now that it has become a sound I associate with writing. It's an incredible help to get me into the writing mode. Who doesn't love the sound of rain, the occasional rumble of thunder, cars passing by on wet streets, dogs and sirens subtly in the background?

Pilot G2 Retractable Premium Gel Ink Roller Ball Pens

Every year I underline verses in my Bible, and each year has its own color. These pens are my go-to for everything. The ball point makes it easy to take quick notes and appease my apparent rebellion against neat, line-conformed handwriting. The colors are very pretty, too.

Iron Will is probably one of the top reasons I love winter. And dogs. And young courageous boys. I think this is an excellent Disney film. My prejudices might be a little skewed because I grew up watching this movie and loving it. But still, I find reason to love it today as an adult. Namely, Will Stoneman is from South Dakota where I'm from, and Kevin Spacey's character, Harry Kingsley. A lovable rogue with an awesome character arc! 

This quote from Maggie Stiefvater:

Stiefvater is challenging the way I write my stories in every way. For instance, I have never liked writing in third person, or changing character perspectives. I didn't think it was a very intimate way of telling a story, and I'm all about emotion. But Maggie Stiefvater changed all that. I've not only found a new reason to love third person and different character perspectives, but I've found some new favorite story people as well. 

Wishing you all a fantastic weekend!
Love, Kayla

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