Jan 18, 2016

Getting Through January & Finding Home

She said something like, "Being away from home so much only makes you want to stay home forever." Yeah. I feel that way a lot.

And then I said, "We humans are so contradictory. Once you're home, all you want to do is leave."

The house is quiet this morning. 10:06 and the only sounds are Mama in the kitchen and the soft voices of a children's choir, the occasional closing of a door.

Things go slower in the winter here at our house. Even chores are done with less hurried-ness.

Maybe there's something about the snow. Something blanketing us in. Something warm, something cold that diminishes any desire to get out, to be wild, to go places. Something making home, and love, and baked goods, and warmth less of a trivial quaintness and more of a wonderful haven.

Its after Christmas, and yeah, the snow and cold has lost the sparkle and the world its good will, and where's all the joy gone? January doldrums. But Christ is here. Him in all His glory.

Maybe this, too, is what makes us want to stay. To be where the world can't distract us, where we can live in awe and wonder. Where we can wait patiently, and see Him even in the ordinary drift of our lives.


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Katie said...

Love the title of this! You are a blessing!
Love you,