Jan 28, 2016

5 Things I'm Inspired by This Week

I can't believe January is almost over . . . It's been so wintery here. No sooner has the snow melted we get a couple more inches and brother and sister have to inch their way home from school on snow packed roads. On the other hand, we've had hot chocolate more.

Coloring Book
There are so many different coloring books out there right now, but I haven't found I like more than this one. And it's rekindled my love of coloring. The kind of rekindled that make you want to scoop up every kind of pencil crayon in sight and day dream about buying a whole set of copic markers. Coloring is the drawing and painting I was never able to do to my satisfaction. 

Egg Drop Soup Recipe

Made this for lunch the other day and had the rest of it for breakfast. I forgot how much I loved it! This is a deliciously perfect homemade recipe for a wintery day when you're home. It's easy and quick and the ginger gives it such a nice, slightly spicey-ness without being bland.

Earth Therapeutics Natural Wood Brush

Need a head massage? Ever had a head massage? If you haven't, you should. And you can give yourself one, too. Every girl in the house right now has one of these brushes. It not only gives your head a stimulating massage, the natural wood soaks up the oils in your hair and distributes it evenly to your ends. I will never go back to plastic or metal brushes again.


Canva is an amazing graphic design site. It was a lifesaver when I stepped more fully into the blogging/writing sphere. Plus, being a little obsessed with graphic designing it made me extremely happy. I make almost everything in Canva now. Did I mention it's free to join? Lots and lots of images, illustrations, fonts, etc are free while some other things cost $1. You can be as simple or detailed as you wish, and with a little practice, and their handy-dandy drag and drop feature, you'll be a pro in no time.

The design at the top of all my blog posts were designed in Canva. You can upload your own photos or use some of theirs. It makes graphic designing so much easier! And they have templates for everything you could imagine, from Kindle book covers to social media posts. Warning: It can get a little addictive. If you're a creative, approach with caution.


I love the beautiful simplicity of this music. Yet it's so full of character and originality even while still being so simple. I love pairing it with Rainy Mood. It makes for a peaceful, comforting atmosphere.

Let's chat! What have you been up to this week? Have you tripped over anything new and exciting? Tell me about it comments below.

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