Feb 23, 2016

Announcing The Quiet Writers' Desk | A Blog for Writers

I want to thank everyone who took my Blog Survey this past December. Your input was very helpful in some important decision making. The results of your spent time is as follows:

A Brand New Blog 
Yay!! I've put this off for years. But I'm trying out new things and I've decided to start a new blog centered entirely around writing and helping shy, quiet young people find a way to be their true selves on paper in a loud and boisterous world.

I'm moving all my writing posts over there and returning The Song of My Soul/K.M. Updike back to posts about life and love, books, and my writing. I'm very happy to be keeping this blog as another creative outlet and putting all the technical, platform-ish stuff on The Quiet Writers' Desk.

So welcome to the world, new blog!

I'll be posting updates from both my blogs on all my social media accounts so you can keep track of what's happening on both of them.

Everything with Outlining Your Book for NaNoWriMo has been moved over to The Quiet Writers' Desk. Including the sign-up form. There will be a Quiet Writer newsletter, and a new newsletter for K.M. Updike will take its place. Stay tuned for news on my new Newsletter and link changes!

But the Quiet Writers' Desk isn't just for quiet writers. There will also be something for all writers to take away. Writing articles and how-tos are only two of the things happening over there. So don't feel left out!

Hop on over to The Quiet Writers' Desk and check it out!

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