Feb 19, 2016

Classic Books & Poetry Your Daughter Should Be Reading

Femininity is fast becoming a thing of the past. It's becoming seen as weakness, that feminine women are merely doormats for men. Little girls are not being taught to cherish girlhood, to cherish being a woman. That being kind and caring and the gentler sex is not important any more.

The Little White Horse
Read to be captured by classic fantasy, imagination, self-sacrifice, and the meaning of true love.

 Read to find empathy with one who understands what it means to wait for your one true love, what happens when one is easily persuaded, and that waiting is all worth it in the end.

Pride & Prejudice
Read to learn that love is not measured in riches and connections, that a woman is worth far more than fortunate marriage, about loyalty of family during tragedy, and that no matter your first impression, people are always more than what you first thought.

Sense and Sensibility
Read to understand the heartbreak of losing something dear to you, the bond between two opposite sisters, how to become a woman and rise from the ashes of your heart break.

Christina Rossetti Poetry

To see Christ and love in a way you've never seen them before.

Little House on the Prairie

Read to escape back into a world of Indians and covered wagons, with lessons learned when the world was new and thriving, to learn that the world is not an easy place, and that the first women to travel the west were not weak and incapable, but endured hardships with strength and perseverance.

Tuck Everlasting
Read to understand that life and death are both great and amazing gifts, that love above all should be the first thought, the first sharing, the first showing of any and all who are blessed to find it.

Little Women
Read to show your daughters what growing up is like, that it is sometimes messy and confused, but how to handle it with the grace and intelligence of a woman.

Anne of Green Gables
Read to teach your girls about the endurance of friendship, and the power and freedom we give one another when spare the room to let those we love be who they are.

Fill your daughters with authenticity, bravery, femininity, and strength. Show them what truth looks like and teach them to care for it, gently and tenderly, as we were meant to.

Love, Kayla


Emily said...

Wonderful collection of books!! I always enjoy seeing your recommendations!

K. M. Updike said...

Thank you, Emily! I'm glad you enjoyed it!