Mar 20, 2016

Christmas in March (A Gift For You Today)

Happy Monday, everyone! As promised, I've something extra special for you today since I botched up Mundane Monday last week.

On Facebook, I asked you all to help me choose a cover for a short story I was doing. You chose this happy winner . . .

Can something as small and insignificant as a sled really change the lives of a few insignificant boys for Christmas? 
If you loved Dickens' A Christmas Carol you'll adore this short Christmas story about kindness, innocence, and love.

I'm so, so honored that I'm able to offer this free of charge. It was a huge blessing to me when I wrote it and it just makes my heart soar that I'm able to share it with you!

Perhaps We Can Have Christmas in March?

You can download The Boys of Holly Street  HERE. 
Or, if you want it sent directly to your email inbox for easier access from all devices, sign-up HERE.

Christmas doesn't come but once a year. We hear that a lot.
Maybe I'm just a little bit crazy about Christmas, and a little too stuck on tradition and the childhood magic of it, but I'm sure one for believing that Christmas doesn't come just once a year.
Christmas is be lived through every year.
Yeah, and it's hard and kind of false to live "a holly, jolly" life with mistletoe and a big belly laugh. But I'm not for false joys.
I'm for the real kind of giving from a heart that is thankful.
From a life that is lived in love.
From eyes that find the good.
From hands that share the beauty.
This is Christmas all year round.
Happy Christmas in March, everyone.

Love, Kayla

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