Mar 25, 2016

NEW 5 Things I'm Inspired by This Week (1944 wedding, elephants, amazing trees, happy dogs, and bluegrass clog dancing)

So after a few months of trying my inspired 5, I'm thinking I'm going to narrow it down just a little bit.

Instead of products, we're going to go a little deeper. Things that are truly inspirational, things that make you cry, and encourage you. Things that make you feel so not alone sometimes. Things I hope will help uplift you and help us all open our eyes wide to the beauty still around us.

Just a few pretty, happy things for you this weekend . . . 

Just a little bliss from way back when.

This video just about does it. I want an elephant.

Blooming where you are planted. Uncommon beauty.
"The way you live your ordinary days is what adds up to your one extraordinary life." Ann Voskamp

It's taking joy in the little things that counts.

Just a little something to encourage you to get up and dance a little more often.

A happy weekend to you all. Remember there's always beauty coming.

Love, Kayla

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Katie said...

What fun!

Love you,