Aug 21, 2008

Lost my heart in the Black Hills!

True to the title, I did lose my heart in the Black Hills! On the best weekend of the summer! And the happiest! It would have been perfect if my sister, Hannah, and Mom had been there. But we had good time! It rained, we were soaked, we got smoke in our eyes, ate smores, never used napkins and had the most grand adventure hiking Harney Peak, which we killed our legs on, but it was all worth it! :)

Here we are in the girls tent that first day, escaping the torrents of rain showering down upon us!
This is loving Lizzie!

Gracie and Lauri!
My lovely Lauri!

Pretty, sweet Gracie!

Oh! Um--And this is my sister, Dawna! :)

Me, deep in my thoughts. And no, I don't remember in the slightest
what I was thinking about! :)
After the first rain shower, Monica came for a visit! Faithful protectors of the girls' dominion!
"We swear we will battle even the strongest of rains to keep our lands safe
from its uh--wetness!" :)

Laura beside the girls humble abode. :)

Now, I must explain about this picture. The boys had the girls talked into
climbing the hills behind our tent to film a movie about girls getting lost in the woods.
And naturally we accepted! 
So here Dawna is, looking up the steep incline they wanted us to climb.

And here comes the rain-and hail! This should have been our first clue
to high tail it back to our tents! 

Laura and I in the "crank" up camper after being thoroughly soaked!
We sang "Father Abraham" with all the actions to get warm! :D I'm
sure our camper was a sight--shaking and jiggling with nine kids
inside singing "Father Abraham" at the top of their lungs!
(Sorry the pic's so dark!)
Ah, a fire! So nice and warm!

"Don't burn yourself!" was the frequently given warning!
All of you must know this who have gone camping with any
number of little boys! I think we all agree that
ALL little boys have a little pyromaniac in them! ;)

And of course we were all dried off and warm again
and sat around the fire, maintaing our warmth. We ate
a hearty meal, after which we sleepily retired to our tents,
completely worn out by our adveturous afternoon on the
hillside and the tiresome escapade of the single take of a movie never
to be completed! :)
Day 2 Adventures Coming Soon!


Kyle Stevens said...

Man, I know what it's like to film parts of a movie that you'll never finish. We had a pretty hilarious political movie half-way made.

And wow, that looks fun. Camping in the rain is cool. It gives it a more secluded, wild feeling. The Lord knows I've done it enough. :)

Kayla said...

Hey, we all still want to see that movie! :)

Yes, I have to say it was quite an adventure! Very wild indeed! :D

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! Lovely pictures! Looks like you all had a blast!


Beth Stockman said...

I can definitely see that "crank" up camper shaking and jiggling. Of course, I'd be in there singing the song myself.
What, fun you all must have been having!