Mar 29, 2010

Birthday Facts

Everything that happened
to catch my fancy at the moment
. . . I love those kinds of birthdays!

Theme Colors: brown and cream

Birthday Banner: "Dear Sir: Regarding your article "What's Wrong With the World." I am. Yours truly, G. K. Chesterton"
(It was supposed to be brown, but it turned out purple)

Cake: Chocolate cheesecake with hugs and nineteen candles

Decorations: Brown and cream streamers and balloons

Decorator: Hannah

Background Music: Vera Lynn WWII music

Meal: Beef and venison fajitas over Mexican rice, guacamole with chips and salsa, raspberry cottage cheese salad, and iced grape juice.
Gifts: The Magnificent Seven soundtrack

A new CD player

Adventures in the North Woods Series #'s 2, 3, 4

And a new sweater in my favorite color . . . green! Naturally! ;)

Thank you, family, for all the little things you did
that made it such a beautiful day!
I'm so glad I got to share it with all of you!
And thank you to my precious friends who
gave me so much love!


Kate said...

Awesome!!! Happy birthday!

Emily said...

Oh my word. You look lovely!! Like something out of a classic 40's movie!! And you couldn't go with a better choice of colors--brown is fabulous! Love you so much and I'm so happy to see what a lovely birthday you had! *hugs*

Laura said...

What wonderfulness!! :D Love your scarf-- and what a beautiful day it looks like you had!! Happy Birthday!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful birthday! LOVE the color and the menu sounds super delicious. Happy belated Bday! :)

Nina Hansen said...

Oh my goodness, you are so lovely, Kayla! *hugs* Happy happy birthday! Love you!