Mar 31, 2012

Birthdays . . . they make me smile.

March, in our family, is full of birthdays! Sort of spread out through the entire month!
It's like our specialy, sweet month with lots of presents. As if it were Christmas again.
But it makes me smile the most because that's how I know how much I love the people I know. :)

 So I have this friend. Her name's Emily. I call her Em. Sometimes Emmi, too. I know I love her. A LOT.

 She sent me a present. All wrapped up in brown paper. How did she know I LOVE gifts in "brown paper packages tied up with strings"? I know she loves me a lot, too. We both love old vintage things.

 So she sent me this picture of her. All vintage! I LOVE it! Mostly because it's a picture of her.

 Em makes cards. Beautiful cards! She should start a business making and selling cards. And she made one for me. Me?

 I don't know why she thought to do such a beautiful thing for me, even after I asked her if she would. She's wonderful. You can tell by her smile.

 Those beautiful old letters! Do you want to know the post date? 1943. World War Two.

 Old Hollywood. Perfection. I felt funny taking pictures of her pictures. But they deserved a special place in my book of memories!

 She wrote me a poem, too.  Long while ago. But I still have it. And she sent it to me again just a few weeks ago, to remind me of it. My friend is too good. Too good to me. All my friends are. Much more than I ever deserved.

I love Em so much. She's precious and funny and witty and beautiful, bright and intelligent, an unclaimed treasure! I'm glad God saw fit so we could bump into each other along the shores of life. When I met her for real a couple of years ago, it was as if I had always known her. Always been with her. Never been without her.

Thank you so much, Emmi! I love, love, love, my birthday gift! It couldn't have been more perfect! It made me smile all day long. I set them out on the table and couldn't stop looking at them. I would just sit and stare at their beauty. You're such an artist, you inspire me. I don't know what I would have done without you. Thank You, Jesus! Em's worth dying for.



Emily said...

Kayla! That was THE sweetest thank you I have ever gotten!!!! I don't deserve it. You are too kind for your own good. Seriously! You are a dear! Thank you!!! You are the unclaimed treasure through and through. Love you, hon!!!

Laura said...

aww... :) I agree-- you are BOTH treasures.