Sep 17, 2012

There are these people . . .

 . . . They are called The Browns. They dance. They sing. They bring happiness. There are nine of them. Yup. And they couldn't be any better. 

They came to see us. I love it when they go to weddings and ask to stay at our house. It's one of the best things in the world. We haven't seen them altogether for five years!

When they come, it means shoes in the entry way and trips out to the barn to swing on the rope. It means sleeping bags and pillows everywhere, and re-inflating air mattresses. It means deep, intelligent conversations, and books! It means the BEST girls in the world all in the same car driving down the road and singing Disney Love Songs and Josh Groban. It means food and tons of dishes to wash, and movie quotes, and "have you seen this movie?" and character discussions. It means friends. Lots of them. And there is no age gap, no not connecting with someone and not talking to them because they're younger or older then you. We're all the same, and it's one of the greatest things, this being all one. 

Oh yes, and it also means whopping, rollicking rounds of Twister . . . 

 The very first morning, after thinking they would get here about ten pm the night before, and then they got turned around by wildfires streaking across the prairies and don't get here until one in the morning, after crepes with applesauce and whipped creme, and an lively political discussion from which one could learn much, we played Twister.

 The fathers talked of cars and went to get a part for the van and a wedding gift, the mothers sat at the table and admired all their lovely children dominating the living room and twisting themselves up.

 Who knew, but one slight touch sent them all to the floor and thus ended the round. Tis sad, but true. Ah, the hard facts of life.

Phil was the spinner. But since the spinner was gone, he used his hand and it worked quite well.

 Laptops were scattered helter-skelter and it is so funny when The Browns come, we share music. Music happens to be a common passion with us. Once someone starts music playing, the congregation gathers to listen. No matter where they are, they come from the far regions of the house to hear it, for we listen to beautiful music, and you always want more and new beautiful music, always.

 And of course there is this measuring of height amongest the men we always seem so interested in. There are several 6'5 guys in our gathering.

It was the young men who took the tallest height! Sorry, Dad!

 Nothing, when families come together, is ever complete without Dutch Blitz! One of our favorite games. It didn't get as wild as some games usually get, but hey, we were on vacation.

 Something troubling you, Laura? You look so worried!

 Josh. He is the quiet one. The one who listens.

 All pretty for the wedding! Gorgeous family. Do you want to know what will always make the Browns laugh?
Dad's evil laugh.
It never fails.
You have to hear it to understand. :)

 This is what dominated our second morning together. The made a human chair and another thing. Creative boy morning.:)

Then it was church time. I caught Laura in the lovely morning light. Hello, Laura! I love you! Seeing her twice in one year was BEYOND amazing! God is so gracious!

How lovely it was to sit and sing songs of praise to the good Lord who brought us all together.

Then off we fled to the park! We girls squished into our car and drove along listening to Disney love songs and Josh Groban and the soundtrack to Seven Brides For Seven Brothers. Plus all the talking in between, and the promise of fried chicken! Deliciousness! What a lovely picnic it was. Next to a creek on a quilt!

Tada! Enjoying the loveliness! There were two picnic tables, but the children all seemed gravitate to one spot, the quilts!

Directly after lunch, the boys hurried us all over to the volleyball net for a few whopping rounds! There were a few disputes about the out of bounds line, but it was soon resolved, and we had a marvelous time getting all sweaty and sandy, complete with two wrestling attempts from the boys!

Me and my Lauri girl! Taking a break in the shade and waiting for Father to arrive with more water. So thirty were we! But we were entertained by Tim and Grace showing us their Jitterbugging, and talk of sharing the Gay Gordon's dance! Which they did!

And thus it begins, the Ultimate Frisbee face off . . . My team won! Yay!

AW! Soaking our feet in the cold, cold, cold creek! Refreshing, my dear Laura, is it not? Oh, yes! Quite so! Indeed, dear Kayla!

Yo bro.
We all piled into the car, tired, but happy and went off to explore Chapel in the Hills! A replica of a Norwegian church in Norway! How I love that place! It is so beautiful. I believe we began planning weddings upon the sight of it!

A look up at the alter.

Hello, Phil!

There is an enclosed passageway/walk all the way around it. It made me feel sneaky, and running away from Nazis-ish!

Up behind the church is the bell tower, here we are looking back upon the beautiful sight!

Grace and Hannah. Two lovely friends!

Oh, I can never get enough of these pictures! Grace did a lovely job taking them! Thank you, Grace! Thank you, Lauri-love, for being my friend! You don't know how precious you are to me!!

Peace out, dude! No wait, it's "V" for Victory!! A treasure this is, indeed!

As we heard from the shop keeper, a lovely little man with an Norwegian accent, these little trolls come out at night and run around. You can't see them, but you know they are there! If you rub their noses, it brings you good luck! Laura just couldn't resist a picture with the one sitting outside the darling little shop.

I don't think we've ever had a picture all together before. It was so sweet! We took two pictures and everyone dispersed for regions unknown, but we took a look at the picture and, of course, someone was out of the way, or we couldn't see someone else's face! So we called them all back again, collected on the steps,  and---well, there you have it, mate. Friends. Like no other.

In the morning, they left. After teaching us the Gay Gordon's dance and promising to come visit them next time and not to let so many years go by again without being together! After I cried and couldn't let go again, I waved to their van kicking up dust on the road, sad at heart, but happy in spirit. Nothing wipes away the memory of a friend. Especially ones like the Browns.


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Laura said...

This post is phenomenal. I will NEVER forget those few precious hours we had together-- 2 kindred spirit families. :) What lovely pictures... miss you so much!! You are an inspiration. :)