Apr 17, 2013

Short Story

    It was just Dawna and I, divided by a shower curtain, with dead people in Boston buzzing in our heads, and leaving a home of ten years, and Mama maybe not getting a garden, and Ethan's sad, sad heart.
    And I don't know how she understood, but I said this out loud, trying to remind myself, to not lose hope, trying to keep on trusting my God, to not go insane:
     "There's some good in this world, Mr. Frodo, and it's worth fighting for." Just said it out loud, 'cause I felt like Frodo and wanted to say, "What are we holding onto? Why must we do it day after day? Why can't it just be over?"
     She didn't miss a beat. She knew just what to say, always knows just what to say. "And how do we fight? It's the little acts of kindness, love, that keeps the darkness at bay."


Laura said...

How lovely! My darling, I am praying for you.

"The Hands that hold the stars-- are holding your heart..."

Dawna said...

Beautiful Kayla! I love you!

Katie said...

My lovely daughters who help me see the good each day. I love you!