Apr 10, 2013

The Effects of Being Snowbound:

Morning tunnels in the drifts.

snow piled high on the sill.

Scenes like this.

Snow falling all day long, when it was only supposed to stop at noon.

Ham and bean soup.

Boys working hard.

Wet, muddy puppies eating breakfast in the basement.

Cleared paths to the shed.

Brownies for the hard workers.

Settlers of Catan in the late afternoon.

Coco and whipped cream with books to read.

And the promise of a good, green summer sprouting up beneath the white.

Curled up at home with books and brownies and one good family.
It's like God made snow for days such as these.

1 comment:

MaKinzie Heggem said...

This day looks SOOOO familiar! Just wish I would have thought to dig out Catan!