May 7, 2013

I get the pictures all here, and I don't know what to say. A little tid-bit of our life now seems like bragging, putting our best foot forward when all you wanted was something real? 

Well. It was almost 80 degrees today. I took a walk to the peak and the puppies took a swim in the pond.

We had Mexican casserole for dinner. Spicey and brown.

I milked the goats this morning. My fingers ached. And the milk filled up two, gallon jars. I never thought of it before, but it wears your arm out carrying a two gallon bucket of milk from the barn to the house. You have to stop half way in between and switch hands.

Joseph went to the West River Math Contest today, and he brought home three pieces of pizza. Ethan ate two.

They took out part of the garden fence while I was babysitting the other day, the part connected to Mama's Nook. Now you can walk into Mama's Nook and straight into the garden if you want. Just watch out for the staked off rows of vegetables itching to grow down in the dirt.

The hills lay clear blue today. And the valley is so green. Not as green as England, as Hannah said, but green enough for us. 

The boys cleared  up the great big pile of branches that grows big every fall cause there are so many trees here. They burned it. And it looked The Secret Garden in the spring when Mary first ventures out.

We don't have any snow any more, it all went away making the earth green.

We're all happy. The sisters and I spent two hours conversing with each other over glasses of grape juice and Divine Milk Chocolate. And I waved like Hannah was someone I hadn't seen in ages when she got home from work tonight. It makes you closer. Stopping, and just sitting and talking. 

I hope that was real. It is for me.

Busy weekend coming up. Young Chautauqua, graduation, track meet. Mother's Day. We have a code name for Mother's Day this year, daddy, the kids, and I. We have so many special plans. But I can't say much. Mother's have x-ray hearing, you know. 

This is home. 


Emily said...

Loved glimpsing into your day! Thank you. :)

Love you!

Hannah said...

Loverly, you're just lovely!!!!!! Love you, Loverly!!

Katie said...

Thanks for sharing that little tidbit of our lives. I love having you here to share all that. I treasure each day knowing someday I won't have that. Love you, Mom

Laura said...

This is so real. In the bestest, most wonderful way. :) I love you!!!!!

Christa Upton said...

Oh, I just love this post! (And you NEVER sound like you are bragging. :) I also love grape juice, chocolate milk, and raindrops on tree branches....! :)