Apr 7, 2013


My favorite thing about spring, is all the sproutlings sitting in their little black trays in front of the big front window. 

 The green against the deep brown earth.

And the bright, sweet light from an overcast sky.

I love winter and autumn the best, but spring is between warm and cool, a gentle breeze of future whisperings.

Little green stems with leaves, growing promises for summer.

They're like stories, these tiny living things. How they grow, and live, and bring new life, and then die after serving their purpose.

All things have purpose. The way He intended it. To make His world just a little bit better than what it was before.

But spring may be short lived here in our little valley! Storm warnings, big storm warnings coming our way! 

Oh, and here's a picture of our Young Chautauqua group, all decked out. I'm supposed to have glasses, but Theodore Roosevelt and I are sharing. 

Happy Spring! Things have been quiet around here for a bit. Sign of the busy times. Summer is coming, though. Summer is coming . . . 

1 comment:

Christa Upton said...

Beautiful! I love baby plants and the promise of spring (even if it includes a foot of snow "masking" the spring! :) )
Also, looking forward to the Chautauqua presentation!!!