Jan 4, 2016

Going back in time

Farewell to twenty-fifteen. It's gone, it's done. And we, my dear people, are about to live a year we have never lived before.

. . .‘You have stayed long enough at this mountain. Turn and take your journey . . . See, I have set the land before you. Go in and take possession . . . ’  Deuteronomy 1:6-8

Hannah's 2015 mystery party was an absolute hit success. Looking at pictures again made me miss it so much, every good memory came back to me with a rush of wonderful thankfulness.

February found me putting the last edits into my book! The Life and Death of Terry Dodd.

Also in February Joseph was accepted into South Dakota School of Mines&Technology!

I was blessed by another wonderful birthday in March. Can't have a birthday without chocolate cake.

In April, Laura darling surprised me! It was wonderful . . . *blissful sigh*

In May I cooked Mother's Day breakfast in the garage on our gas stove.

We had another killer snow storm that knocked out the electricity for a few hours.

I also shot my friend Abby's wedding. First solo wedding!

In June we went to the Black Hills Playhouse in the pouring rain and hail and had a picnic outside before we went to see To Kill a Mockingbird. It was fabulous.

July was book launch month! Wow. All I can do is heave a huge breath. I learned so  much, made so many mistakes, and came out really blessed. 

A photoshoot with this girl was a dream in August, definitely the highlight. So happy to get back together with her and so honored to take her senior photos!

August moon if ever I saw one. That night we all traipsed down the road to watch it rise. It was a beauty.

Went to my first college football game in September. I was kind of half cheering for School of Mines and half for Black Hills State. One of the receivers was a guy Dad had in highschool and we watched him play basketball. School of Mines won, but it was a good game. Huge rivalry going on there!

October's finest found us on our trip to Spearfish Canyon and into Wyoming for a little family getaway. It was so nice.

And my darling friend sent me a wonderful autumn box just in time for NaNoWriMo! It included this adorable hat and scarf and much, much more. I don't deserve that girl.

photo by Jayme

November was National Novel Writing Month. I wrote ahead for two weeks because I was off to California to see these girls.

photo by Jayme

And go to the best wedding ever!

Love you, Emily!

December was the craziest December I can remember. We were all glad for Christmas break to happen and to get two full weeks off. We had a lovely, restful, game-playing Christmas, full of love and holly and jolly-ness, Advent and Christ. New Year's Eve especially was so happy and full of laughter. It's easy to forget everyday ordinary blessings, Christmas reminds me how much I love my family and my home.

Happy New Year to you all.
Much love,


Emily said...

Love you too, sweetheart!! So very happy that you were able to come to my wedding!!

Katie said...

Beautiful recap of the year!

It wasn't so bad after all.

Love you,