Jan 7, 2016

5 Things I'm Inspired by This Week

Welcome to the New Year!
A new year, a new blog schedule.
Starting next Monday, every week I'll be continuing with one post Mundane Monday/Little Bits of Beauty and now a new a post about things that are, or have been, inspiring me. There will be food and tea and book recommendations, music, and more.

Where have all the writing tips gone? Never fear, they're still lurking about. More about that and a coming surprise in the next few weeks.

So, on to some inspiring things!

Stash Green Chai Tea
I love green tea. Actually if you say the word "tea" I'm pretty much a goner. So when Mom brought this home my day was instantly made. I think I'm making about two cups a day. I may or may not be making four. A lovely change from just plain green tea. Recommended sweetener: 1 tbls honey.

Notepad Mouse Pad
I saw these in Hobby Lobby just before Christmas and being an crazy note-taker, I immediately saw how awesome and handy this would be. 1) It cuts down on clutter and the amount of sticky notes and 3x5 cards one can use and lose during the course of the day. 2) It's a cute/stylish accessory to your work space/creative space. I mentioned it to someone for a Christmas gift idea, and voila. I'm happily using it now.

Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead, Brene Brown
A long time ago I read Quiet: Unlocking the Power of Introverts, by Susan Cain, and it really did have a powerful impact on me. Reading Daring Greatly has had the same effect. I'm really loving it. Just reading is changing how I view myself and others. I really thought it was going to be a much harder book to read, meaning harder to understand what the author is saying, but no, actually, I'm just buzzing right through it. Thanks to National Novel Writing Month and Christmas break it had to go back to the library, but I've secured it again and it will be finished!

Endeavour - TV Show
My sister introduced us to Endeavour last year at her mystery party. The first episode of the third season was just released on Sunday. We couldn't wait for it to start up again! The mysteries are amazing, the characters brilliant, and the dialogue fantastic. It's a spin-off of an earlier series, Inspector Morse. This focuses on a younger Endeavour Morse in Oxford, England, in the 1960s. The costuming is amazing, right up there with The Great Gatsby and Downton Abbey in my opinion. My favorite character is, of course, Morse, but Inspector Thursday is a close second.

There's a terrible riot going on against winter these days, and it's obvious why, especially if you live anywhere where the seasons change. But I absolutely love winter, it's second to autumn on my list of favorite things. I think winter gets too much of bad rap. Yes, I know it's cold, and snow does complicate the most trivial of matters, but there's so many things that make up for that.
  • Winter sunsets
  • Cozy fires 
  • Hot chocolate
  • Christmas and New Year's.
  • Snuggly pets 
  • The invigorating freshness of a blast of cold wind
  • Your warm breath clouding the air
  • Joyous voices crying, "It's snowing!"
  • Watching big, fluffy flakes flutter down to earth
  • The world turning white
  • Car lights on lonely, wintery, country roads
  • Not to mention it means so much more to get home after a long day at work and nestle up inside a warm, cozy house with your family

Also, photoshoots with my spiffy, good-looking brother. If this engineering stuff doesn't work out, bro, you can always be a model for Kinfolk or something.

That's it for this week.
Love, Kayla

Let's talk! What's been inspiring you this week?

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