Jan 11, 2016

Living Christmas

A mug of milk on the window sill. All the white, winter light pouring into the living room. A sheet of cold covering the glass as you gaze out January slipping in over the world outside.

A left over Christmas cookie. The Christmas tree standing all empty of presents and looking kind of forlorn.

When I was two I cried when we took down the Christmas tree. I still don't like to be in the house when all the Christmas things go away.

These days when all the pretty lights come down, and you have to get back to the way things were—like life keeps interrupting the good things.

All these seemingly unholy moments of scheduling and school work, and trying to get out of bed on time—they're not an end of something. Because this is what Christmas is for—Christmas is a reminder of all the things we hoped for—Christmas saves us.

Christmas awakens us to the life we should be living, to the beauty that has been given us.
Yes, even a Christmas cookie with green sprinkles on a window sill. 

The good things in life aren't just the high days and holidays. They're everything. They're the candle flame on the counter. They're memories. They are the perpetual junk drawer full of odds and ends. They are the shoes always crowding the front door when they're not being worn. Even the days after Christmas, they're the good things.

These are the days when we begin living Christmas.

Love, Kayla

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Katie said...

Loved this! It was an inspiration to me! You are awesome!