Jan 13, 2016

7 Young Adult Books That Need More Fans

You know you need to re-read a book when you talk to everyone about it because you loved it so much but you can't put into words what you loved about it . . . Read on.

The Sunbird, Elizabeth Wein

The Sunbird definitely needs more fans.

1) There is little action and tons of emotional and psychological conflict. I say this because I so often hear people complaining that they didn't like a book or movie because there "wasn't any action." There is more to stories and people than just action. Much more.
2) This book has everything to do with political intrigue
3) The kid uses his head. Telemakos is one of the most intelligent teens you'll find in any YA book without it being over the top or unrealistic
4) His name is Telemakos. Period.
5) He's a quiet, silent watcher. I really connected with Telemakos because he would rather have stayed in the background listening and watching rather than be in with the action

Read The Sunbird. Not because it needs more fans, but because of all of the above.

The Winter Prince, Elizabeth Wein
I probably should have mentioned this before The Sunbird because this book is about Telemakos's father, Medraut, Artos's illegitimate son by his sister, Morgause.

Again this is a character driven story, has very little to do with action and everything to do with people. Which is I hope your main reason for reading any book!

It's filled with Medraut's darkly twisted emotions, spellbinding, terrifying encounters with his father and mother that leave you reeling to know what happens to change it all.

It needs more fans because it's more about what happens to the insides of peoples lives instead of what you see on the outside.

No Promises in the Wind, Irene Hunt

I'm a huge fan of brave, intelligent boys who take on the responsibilities of adulthood far before their time. Young people who do courageous things, even though they're young, because they know what it means and what the cost is, have always inspired me.

This book needs more fans because:
1) Josh is just such a boy
2) It's about young people doing hard things
3) You need to know about the harsh life on the road during the Great Depression for more than 300,000 young boys and girls. Because you do. And then re-evaluate your own life.

Sophie Scholl: The Real Story of the Woman Who Defied Hitler, Frank McDonough

If you want to be great, read about great people.

You need to read about a real life heroine in the middle of Germany during WWII because:
1) She was an artist - in every sense of the word
2) She resisted Hitler and saw right through his schemes and began weeding out his contradictions from a very young age
3) She was afraid, but did it anyway
4) She died for what she believed was right
5) She loved God and Germany and fought to keep them from Hitler's destruction

Sophie Scholl needs more fans because she was a real girl in the midst of real terror and tragedy and still was not afraid to die.

Because it's about:
1) Small people doing big things
2) It's the '70s, baby
3) Girls who read books
4) Girls who people-watch
5) 1953 black Chrysler Windors
6) Mysterious next door neighbors
7) Drunks who are more than just drunks

Of course, I think you should read it period. But that may just be me.

Jane of Lantern Hill, L.M. Montgomery

This book needs more fans because:
1) The protagonist, Jane, is a simple, quiet, loving girl in a loud and raucous world who only wanted to be loved by someone who wanted to love her.

If you don't read it for any other reason, read it for that.

You may also want to read it because:
2) There is a lion
3) Her father is a writer for the Saturday Evening Post
4) They live on an island in the most perfect island house you'll ever see
5) I refuse to divulge anything further on the grounds I may spoil the story!

It needs more fans because you may find Jane a true kindred spirit and the peace to be as quiet and caring and loving as she. Even when the world is loud and hurtful.

I Am David, Anne Holm

Getting back to courageous children, ahem-ahem . . .

1) It's about the little known or written about post-effects of WWII in Bulgaria
2) David has a secret
3) Jim Caviezel plays Johannes in the movie adaption
4) Europe - Italy, the Swiss Alps . . . *contented sigh*
5) Courageous young boy. My heart's this twisted agony-ridden mess inside me for boys who've had to grow up too fast, seen horrible things, and never known colors or love.

I Am David isn't driven by action, but a boy's desire to find his home, his mother, and love after spending the first half of his life working in a prison camp.

So there you have it. Seven Young Adult books you need to go read. Right now. And become a fan.

Love, Kayla

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